by Shannon

What is Snorkels and Snowpants?

The name is simple, it came from the side of a moving box. The two halves of my life stuffed into a cube with the contents scrawled on the side: snorkels and snowpants. A lifetime in Florida meets the reality of the Midwest.


My Story

I've day dreamed about blogging my way to a new lifestyle that doesn't involve 6am alarms and long commutes, and I knew exactly what I wanted to call it. So in September 2017, my husband finally pushed me to action. No more excuses he said- we had bought a house, handled a renovation and planned a backyard wedding all in under a year- and we did it successfully! Time to pick up the pen, or rather, the laptop, and start blogging about the things I've come to love most- travel, DIY and photography of these things!

I have been passionate about travel since I was old enough to walk out the door. I've spent the better part of my free time planning the next big adventure and going wherever that led.

I went to college and earned my degree in History, with a focus on medieval Europe. While that didn't get me to the historian teacher or museum curator job I was dreaming would allow me to pursue my passions at once (history, travel and photography), it did open the door to my current job that pays the bills and allows me to jet set. I currently work as an education/meeting planner for a national medical association, traveling several times a year for conferences, allowing me a great deal of time off to travel on my own.

I lived in Florida until my mid-20s, when I then moved to the Chicago suburbs to take my current job. Funny enough, I would never have landed in Chicago if not for a dear old friend I had met years past at Dragon*Con, a sci-fi and fantasy gathering. Needing to get out of Florida, I turned eyes towards the Second City and my friend, packed a single suitcase into my 2-seater car and drove the 1,180 miles here. Jump forward 5 years, and I married that same friend's husband's best friend. So I guess you could say I have alot to thank her for.

So blah, blah, blah- enough about my past. I have so far traveled throughout Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, and of course all over the USA, with a trip or two to Asia as well. I discovered DSLR photography when my husband purchased a Nikon 3200 for me, and I've since attempted to catch the perfect shot in every destination. I want to share my experiences and stories, and hopefully helps others as they plan their 'big adventures'.

Since I haven't yet jumped ship and decided to travel the world full time,  I have discovered a love for DIYing. This has come in handy since we bought a 1940 log cabin that shows it's age at times. Plus, I love to incorporate travel inspiration in many of my projects. Can I tell you how to knock down a wall or install a sink? Nope. But I'll gladly share my experiences in revitalizing old furniture, creating unique home pieces, starting a blog and more.

Questions on destinations or home ideas? Comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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