by Shannon

Us and RVAbout Snorkels and Snowpants

We’re Shannon (the snorkels) and Bobby (the snowpants), a couple road-tripping the world together! 

I'd daydreamed about blogging my way to a new lifestyle that didn’t involve 6am alarms and long commutes when I launched the blog in 2018. Flash forward to 2020 and we both landed remote jobs and the ability to work from anywhere.

We sold our house in suburban Chicago and hit the road in 2020. With a home base in southern Illinois, we are currently roadtripping America. Prior to the pandemic, we primarily traveled internationally, everywhere from Costa Rica, to Norway, to Japan. The lockdowns opened my eyes to US travel and helped me realize we didn’t have to cross an ocean to discover amazing places, something Bobby had been telling me for years!

Meet ShannonShannon

I grew up traveling extensively with my family, and took my first international trip when I was 14.

I earned my degree in History, with a focus on medieval Europe. While that didn't get me the historian teacher or museum curator job I imagined, it did open the door to my current job and this amazing lifestyle!

Favorite destination? Too hard to pick, but I'd narrow it down to Paris or Ambergris Caye, Belize.

I have been passionate about travel since I was old enough to walk out the door. Now, I’m excited to share our adventures and inspire you to take yours!

Bobby and falconMeet Bobby

I grew up in Illinois and joined the Army right out of high school.  I was active for 8 years, deployed to two war zones and lived in South Korea. After, I joined the National Guard while I went to college. During that time I found the girl of my dreams and dated her for awhile until she eventually said yes.

Getting into everything and trying to fix it all is sorta my hobby slash talent. I enjoy art, photography, painting, drawing and sculpturing. Cooking and building are my top picks though! Archery, shooting guns, and throwing knives are just some of the other things I like.

I would never have imagined my life being where it is today. Asking yourself where you'll be in 5 years is a great way to start a change. Right now I’ll just keep moving forward, trying to better myself and helping as many people as I can along the way.

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